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Team Associated race report


Bidlake Wins 2014 NZ 2wd EP Off-Road Nationals

The 2014 New Zealand EP Off-Road National Championship was recently hosted by the Hawkes Bay Radio Control Car Club in the city of Hastings. A variety of competitive classes were offered for the large contingent of racers from throughout the country.

Reedy factory driver and defending 2WD Modified National Champion Mark Bidlake was looking to make it two straight and made his intentions perfectly clear by taking the pole position for the finals with his Reedy-powered B4.2 Centro. After three rounds of hard-fought, head-to-head racing against NZ’s best drivers, Mark was crowned the National Champion for the second consecutive year.

In the 4WD Modified class, Mark and his Reedy-powered B44.2 claimed the second step of the podium for a near perfect weekend!

Reedy LiPo batteries powered Scott Kendall to a dominating win in the 4WD Stock class. After taking the pole position with his Reedy-powered B44.2, Scott went on to win all three legs of the A Final for a perfect score and the national title.


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Pro-Line news


Suburbs VTR 2.4" Rear for 1:10 Off-Road Buggy Rear

Part #:
8232-002 X2 (Medium)
8232-03 M4 (Super Soft)
8232-17 MC (Clay)

Transistor VTR 2.4" 2WD Front for 1:10 2WD Off-Road Buggy Front

Part #:
8233-002 X2 (Medium)
8233-03 M4 (Super Soft)
8233-17 MC (Clay)

Transistor VTR 2.4" 4WD Front for 1:10 4WD Off-Road Buggy Front

Part #:
8234-002 X2 (Medium)
8234-03 M4 (Super Soft)
8234-17 MC (Clay)


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Team Durango race report


Jason Ametrine Pilots DEX408v2 To Podium

Team Durango UK team driver Jason Ametrine has recently returned from the first round of the NDOR Summer Series in Derbyshire UK, having taken third overall with his DEX408v2.

Jason battled a filed of the fastest 1/8 racers the region has to offer, taking his DEX408v2 straight to the podium on the demanding Astroturf track surface. Jason was to qualify pole in the ‘A’ main final, with some difficult technical issues putting him back in the pits during his lead of the final. Jason showed his tenacity by quickly working on his car, losing several laps on his competitors, and then flying through the back markers to take third spot with a big smile.

Jason has reported that his DEX408v2 was a dream to drive on the rough and bumpy Astro track, and he feels that the coming summer months will allow him to continue to develop several specialist Astroturf set-ups to share with you all.

Stay tuned for more racing and technical tips from Jason very soon.


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Grand Prix of Russia 2014


Russian Grand Prix 2014 – the biggest annual Indoor offroad race in Eastern Europe and Russia took place in Moscow 11-13 of april 2014!

More than 250 competitors from 7 countries were fighting in 9 classes.

As usual first day – Friday was taken smallest 1/18 offroad, Stadium-Truck and Buggy8E. Buggy 8 electro was one of the popular classes and there were more than 50 spots there.

Legendary Hupo Honigl from Austria won the morning practice. He also won all 4 qualification rounds without any doubt and 2 first finals also, and won the champion title before hand.

Second and third place was taken by Russian pilots Dmitry Malyshko and Nikita Pomogaev. Serpent driver Jorg Tiit had some technical problems in final and couldn’t make the podium.

TOP 3 Buggy-8 E
1) Hupo Honigl – Team-C/Absima/H-speed
2) Malyshko Dmitry – MIP/LRP/Hobby-One
3) Pomogaev Nikita – Kyosho/Orion

1) Molchanov Nikita – Team Associated
2) Nikolskiy Denis – Team Associated
3) Sosnovskiy Anton – Kyosho

1) Larkin Roman – LRP
2) Laverychev Maxim – Team Associated
3) Polynskiy Vladimir – Team Losi

Suturday - 12 of april – the hardest and most crowdie day of the GP. The race day for Buggy 2wd, 2wd stock (17,5) and SC10 2wd.
During the last year many fast and new pilots came to these classes.
Young Serpent Estonian driver Jorg Tiit was driving the new Serpent SRX-2 car.

The practice round was taken by Japanese pilot Shin Adachi driving YOKOMO B-Max 2. He aslo won 2 qualification rounds and we were waiting for TQ, but Hupo won last rounds, was little bit faster and won TQ. Second position was he left for Shin. Third place was taken by Jorg Tiit.

In final heats Hupo won again 2 first rounds and took a win.

But after that was a nice fight for the second spot. Shin was second twice, Maxim Laverichev and Jorg Tiit took third place once each one. So third final was great driving from these pilots for the win!

But Shin was really faster and Jorg took second place, so he made a podium in his debut race in 2wd! Only half of step with the same numbers Maxim Laverichev was only 4th.

Buggy 2WD mod
1) Hupo Honigl – Team-C/Absima/H-speed
2) Shin Adachi – Yokomo
3) Jorg Tiit – Serpent

In 2WD Stock there was a great fight for a win between Saint Petersburg pilots Mark Koveshnikov and Nikita Ilyin all driving X-ray XB4-2. They were fighting from the first second till the last call in last final.

Third plase was taken by Pavel Taranov from Tula driving X-Factory X-6.

Alexander Kosmakov from Udomlia was also fighting for the podium, but missed that after the marshal fatal mistake on the speed straight.

Buggy 2WD Stock
1) Mark Koveshnikov – X-ray
2) Nikita Ilyin – X-ray
3) Pavel Taranov – X-factory

Very interesting driving was also in SC10 2WD where we didn’t know the result until the last meters in the last final.
4 pilots in this class each won the qualification round once. But at least TQ was taken by Georgy Zabrodin driving Durango DESC210.
Fist final Georgy took a win, but the second one he lost his spirit and Denis Dvigun from Ukraine was celebrating. The last final was very tragic for the leader – Georgy was pushind Denis too hard and had to stop and wait for him. But that was fatal! Hi made a mistake just after that and that was the last round and last meters of the race.

SC-10 2WD
1) Denis Dvigun – Team Associated
2) Georgy Zabrodin – Team Durango/RCproCars
3) Dmitry Erigin – Team-C

The last final day of the race – all were tired a little, but ready to fight!

That was the racing day for Buggy 4WD, 4WD Stock and SC10 4WD

The most speedy race was in 4wd buggy, that was a real diamond in a crown of the Russian GP 2014! Final heats were really full of spectators watching the race from 3 or 4 rows around the track.

The first point is that summer podium maker and fast pilot from Saint Petersburg Kirill Trofimov couldn’t make the a final.
Hupo took the TQ in 4wd – that was already usual for the GP. Shin Adachi was second and the main story was about the third starting position. Three pilots were looking to that place – Maxim Laverichev and Dmitry Malyshko from Russia and Jorg Tiit from Estonia. Luck was on Maxim site.

So the first final was taken by Shin Adachi and YOKOMO, second was Jorg Tiit! But Hupo was too close to him. That was a nice beginning! Temperature started to rise! Second final was rather boring)) Hupo finished first and there was almost a lap of gap. So third final was very interesting. That was a fight for a win only, third place already no doubt! So the point was when after a big mistake in front of the restroom Hupo lost many-many-many time in the jumps. And he did that again! At least he finished second with the 0,2 second gap after the first. This time YOKOMO and Shin Adachi win the champion title of Russian GP 2014

Buggy 4WD mod
1) Shin Adach – Yokomo
2) Hupo Honigl – Team-C/Absima/H-speed
3) Jorg Teet – Team Durango

4WD Stock was really unbelievable! Mark Koveshnikov took TQ with a stock RTR Tunder Tiger chassis!
He also won the first final! And he has a whole round of advantage. But second round was terrible for him. He crashed the car almost totally! The car splitted to two big portions and wheels separated. That was a nice crash over the straight. Third final was also unlucky and Mark broke the car again.

After Mark disappeared last two rounds were won by Kosmakov Alexander with his YOKOMO. So he also took the stock title of the GP 2014!

Buggy 4WD Stock
1) Alexander Kosmakov – Yokomo
2) Alexey Lapin – Tamiya
3) Kirill Shalin – Schumacher

And the last, but not the least SC 4WD in our lights. Qualification was won by Sergey Gerasimov driving Losi, but finals were not for him!

First final was taken by Nikita Molchanov. Second by Artem Filipov. Third one was taken by Nikita Pomogaev and he aslo catched a chance to take podium in the race. That is really pity for him after being a champion last year GP 2013.

SC-10 4WD
1) Nikita Molchanov – Tehno
2) Artem Fillipov – Tehno
3) Nikita Pomogaev – Traxxas

That’s all folks! Russian Grand Prix 2014 is in the books! This time we did our best and everything was really cool! If you don’t believe – ask our pit girls about that)))

Thanks all for help and driving!
Stay tuned! See you next year!

Official gallery



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Serpent Spyder 1/10 buggy 2wd anti-roll bars


Serpent Spyder 1/10 buggy 2wd anti-roll bars

For the Spyder SRX-2 /10 buggy Serpent introduces the rear anti-rollbars as set with all hardware and parts as needed, and 3 key type wires.

1 set for the Spyder SRX-2 MM and one for the SRX-2 RM.
And also each wire separate.

Also the front anti-roll bars which fit both versions are available now, separate and as set.

Topquality spring steel wire, laser engraved for easy indentification.

500194 Antiroll bar set fr SRX2
500195 Antiroll bar set rr SRX2 RM
500281 Antiroll bar set rr SRX2 MM
500205 Antiroll bar rr 1.1 SRX2 RM
500206 Antiroll bar rr 1.3 SRX2 RM
500207 Antiroll bar rr 1.5 SRX2 RM
500208 Antiroll bar fr 0.9 SRX2
500209 Antiroll bar fr 1.0 SRX2
500210 Antiroll bar fr 1.1 SRX2


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