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Lutzinator race report


OS/Futaba Nitro Challenge – Kirkwood, MO

This past weekend I took my 3rd red eye flight in as many weeks to attend the OS/Futaba Nitro Challenge. Once again held at the St. Louis Dirtburners track which is always a good time. I love the atmosphere here with the big trees and the river, along with the laid back persona of most. Everyone just having a good time, many camping out and making good family time of the weekend. I took my customary 3 vehicles to this one and with a turnout over 200 entries it made it just right, but super busy with the double mains on Sunday.

There was was practice on Thursday afternoon and the Levi Jackson built track was a lot of fun. The track was being watered and the grip level was pretty decent. As the sun got strong though the track began to dry quicker and we made a decision to let it groove early in hopes it would groove and hold together very well. By the end of practice on Friday we became aware that this wasn’t going as planned. The track got super dry and while there was a nice groove it had little holes in that groove that continually grew and spit out sand, dirt, and rocks. By the end of the weekend the track was a complete challenge as finding a setup to traverse the conditions was tricky. Everyone bemoaned about finding consistency and we found ourselves using Medium hardness tires, even though the conditions were loose.

Friday night though was where the competition began with the first round of qualifiers getting underway, mostly under the lights. Out of the gate in Q1 I got off to a great start with a TQ in all 3 classes. My truggy once again on the same setup was dialed at yet another track. I don’t actually think I’ve even rebuilt my shocks or diffs for the past 3 events. In Ebuggy I was told of a completely different setup that Billy Fisher had just sent in and so I decided to give that a try. It was super stiff on the suspension and used springs I’d never used before. At this point the track still wasn’t to blown out and it felt pretty good. It drove from the front with the rear tagging along for the ride faithfully following right behind. For sure a setup I look to try on more tracks.

Q2 started on Saturday morning and truggy was dialed again. No new news there. Ebuggy though I made some mistakes and Joe eeked out the TQ by .3 tenths. Nitro buggy I switched to that Fisher setup and was able to TQ the round for the overall. So going into round 3 I just needed to TQ Ebuggy to TQ all 3 classes. It was between Joe and myself and he made some mistakes early and I was able to seal the deal and take the Hat Trick of TQ’s.

Sunday brought the hottest day of the weekend and double mains were on tap for all classes I was running. It was a scramble to try to find some Medium tires for use as I had only brought soft and SS. I ended up getting a used set of medium ibeams and some medium impacts. This basically got me by for the mains. Could have used one more set but they were hard to come by. All the mains were also in a race marshal race marshal format. So I have to give huge kudos to Eric Fletcher and all those who helped me with marshaling in that heat. I can’t thank you enough.

A1 Truggy was first and it was a dialed race for me. I was able to get out and pull away to a lap and a half victory after the 20min race. Truck was dialed as always.
A1 Nitro Buggy was next and the first 7 minutes or so was a 5 way battle. I found myself in all those positions throughout that time as everyone was struggling with the surface. I did get out front though and was able to run a clean finish to take a 20 second victory or so as most others had flameouts in the pits.

A1 Ebuggy was the final set of A1s. I held off Joe for a couple laps at the start but that setup I had on with the conditions made it so very hard to drive. I did what I could to hold on but Joe got by and put in a good run. I finished 2.5 seconds back in second.

A2 Truggy was next and it was a rinse and repeat of A1. What more can I say about the Tekno truggy. Simply amazing. With the win I would take the overall Victory.

A2 Ebuggy was next and I needed to beat Joe by 2.5 laps. Well I put myself in a hole on the first lap straddling the pipe and flipping over and falling back to 5th. I would crash again the next lap and soon found myself over half a lap down and out of contention even though my buggy felt better than in A1 due to softening the shocks a bit, but I just made to many mistakes. My battle now became to preserve 2nd overall so I fought back the whole race. On the last lap I had moved to 3rd and had 2nd in my sights. I reeled him in and I thought we beat the loop but it caught us and I finished just tenths behind in 3rd, but overall I would take 2nd and it was a Tekno podium sweep.

A2 Nitro Buggy was last and my primary goal needed to be to finish top 3 and be within one position and 20’seconds of Joe. At the start I held the lead for a few minutes. Wheeler though was on a mission and he got by when I made a mistake. I would follow him the remainder of the race and take a solid 2nd. Overall though I would take the victory with the first and the second. Joe would also take 2nd for a Tekno 1-2.

Overall I had a great time at this event. A huge shoutout to the Fletcher’s for their amazing hospitality this weekend. Thanks to Ramos for bringing his Tekno tent so we looked awesome. Thank you to all those who volunteered marshal for me when needed and also those who traded me some Medium tires for main day.

I look forward to this race again next year and hope the weather can be as good as this year. I’m sure the track will be watered more frequently as I think we learned a lot about the dirt!

Next up is a drive to So Cal in a couple weeks for some testing and a JBRL event at Chula Vista.


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R.I.P. Cesare Rossi


R.I.P. Cesare Rossi

It is with a deep sadness that Graziosa Barchi and daughter Elisa announce that on the day dedicated to the "Perdono di Assisi", after a short illness, has passed away

CAV. Cesare Rossi
Entrepreneur and Micro engines specialist
Model Aircraft specialist
World Champion
Amateur photographer

We thank all the medical and paramedical staff of the 3rd Surgery Dept. of "Ospedale Civile di Brescia".

We thank Paride and Emanuela for assiduous willingness and Michele for the support.

The prayer vigil will be held Tuesday, August 4 at 17:00 at "Casa del Commiato"

Via Bargnani, 25 Brescia - S. Eufemia where the remains lie.

The funeral is scheduled for Wednesday, August 5 at 15:30, the procession will continue to the cemetery "Vantiniano" of Brescia, Via Milano.

We thank in advance all people that will honor his memory.


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XRAY race report


Bryan van Rijnberk & XB4-2wd podium finish at Belgium/Dutch Nationals R5

The 5th round of the Belgium/Dutch Nationals was held at the astro track of ORRA, Arendonk.

Q1 started out with a wet and slippery track. Due to heavy rain on practice day, we had limited practice, and the set-up could have been better with more practice time.
I was just driving safe and I still was able to put in a top 10 run.

In Q2 the track was already dry. I made setup changes for the dry track and the car was very good and I finished 3rd.

Q3: The track had even more grip than Q2, and even though I made some changes for the higher grip, the car was hard to drive, and I made some mistakes.
Finished 5th and 4th overall after qualifying.

I made a lot of changes for A1 for the high grip track, which made the car super easy to drive.

A1, I tried to move up as I saw the leader pulling away from the field, but the track was hard to pass. At the 3 min mark, the number 2 and 3 came together and I moved up to second.
The leader already had a big lead and I ran out of time to close the gap.

A2, I was patient this time and just following the field. The leader made a mistake on lap 2, so moved up to third.
Not much later the I made the pass for second and charged to the leader.
With 3 min to go I was close to the leader and made a clean pass for the lead.
Ran clean laps to the line and took the win.

A3, it started to rain just after A2, and the track was super slippery. I changed the whole setup for low grip.
In the first turn I twisted around and dropped back to 7th. I didn't have enough traction to hang with the pack and made more mistakes while trying to push.

Overall I finished second, and the car was awesome on the dry track.

1. Wesley van Helmond
2. Bryan van Rijnberk - XB4 2wd
3. Bruno Heremans


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Serpent race report


Serpent is Russian Champion 2015

This weekend 24-26 July 2015 Moscow RCRacer track hosted Russian National Buggy 8 Championship 2015!

More than 80 racers from Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and Poland took part in this event. Russian drivers came from all over the country - from Rostov-on-Don on the south, Urals and Chelabinsk on the east, Saint-Petersburg on the North.

So we had many drivers running Serpent cars.
In Buggy 8 Nitro 4 drivers could do A-main after semi.
And after semi finals Serpent driver Maxim Laverichev was starting from the 1st position. It was a hard race for Maxim fighting NIkita Pomogaev (3 times Russian National Champion), for more than 20 minutes they were changing places running in 1 meter distance. Then after some mistakes Nikita stalled being on 2 position.
We are very happy with this and other results. The other Serpent driver - Denis Zuikov took 3d place on the last lap of the race.

So the Final results:
1 Maxim Laverichev - Serpent / Novarossi / INSANE / Sanwa
2 Dmitry Gribov - Asso / Novarossi / INSANE / Sanwa
3 Denis Zuikov - Serpent / TBR / Byron / Sanwa
4 Igor Valtsifer - Kyosho / Novarossi / Meccamo / KoPropo
5 David Ishhanan - Mugen / Reds / Nitrolux / Sanwa
6 Sergey Dodonov - Serpent / Novarossi / Optifuel / KoPropo
7 Evgeny Timoschenko - Serpent / Novarossi / INSANE / Sanwa
8 Nikita Pomogaev - Kyosho / Orion / HPI / Futaba
9 Georgy Plamodianov - Mugen / Ultimate / Nitrolux / Sanwa
10 Stanislav Glebov - Kyosho / TBR / Byron / Sanwa

And after A-main was B-main with
11 Ilya Plakhotnik - Serpent / Novarossi / INSANE / Sanwa
12 Margarita Timoschenko - Serpent / Novarossi / INSANE / Sanwa

Truggy 8
1 Sergey Dodonov - Serpent / Novarossi
2 Anton Sosnovsky - Mugen / Novarossi
3 Anton Shegolev - Asso / HPI

Buggy 8 Electro
1 Shinkarenko Alexey
2 Filipov Artem
3 Pavlovsky Alexander


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